CLINIfibre provides more than 2.5 times the strength of polyester. CLINIfibre is highly resistant to tensile failure and more stable in the body. CLINIfibre has excellent knot security compared to polyester. CLINIfibre is best recommended for all types of Tendon and Ligament repair.

PRODUCT: “CLINIfibre” Orthopaedic Fixation Fibre

RAW MATERIAL USED: Polyblend of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE)


SHELF LIFE: 5 years



  • U.S.P. Super high strength – resistant to tensile failure.
  • Exceptional pliabilty and ductility.
  • Soft feel, low coffecient of friction, stable in the body.
  • Most resistant against fraying on metallic edges compared to polyester.
  • Strong, durable & reliable – stronger than steel.
  • Highly resistant to bending and abrasion.



  • Soft tissue approximation/ ligation – where more strength is desired
  • Arthroscopy
  • Shoulder/ Rotator cuff surgery – for greater strength and stability
  • Knee/ACL and PCL repair
  • General surgeries – Hernia, Abdominal surgeries



  • U.S.P. sizes 2-0, 2 and 5
  • Suture length available with needle: 45cms to 90cms
  • Needle lengths: 17mm, 26mm and 45mm attached to various needle point profiles
  • We also have loop fibre available in size 5
  • We can customize the needles and fibre length as per requirement


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