Creating stories that matter

Stories help shape the world around us. At Sutures, we help create unique stories through our CSR activities. Every step we take helps improve society and creates sustainability.

Our corporate responsibility activities and developments operate under three pillar areas Workplace, Environment and Community. Our connections with society are synthesized with our approach to sustainability. We focus on issues that impact our society. Efforts to advance corporate social responsibility are vital to our aim to promote social justice.

We promote diversity from all perspectives – values, nationality and gender. Our focus is on fostering leaders to drive innovation through the principles of ethics. This surpasses corporate ethics (international standards and law compliance) to span activities that enhance Suture’s value as a company.


Browse through some of our CSR activities that helped make a difference in the community.

What does CSR mean at Sutures India?

Being in business for the sake of making profits is not enough. Making a positive contribution to society is very important to all the stakeholders at Sutures India. Our aim is to address a problem and solve it by speeding the pace of social change.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” – Helen Keller

Helping families build a new life after flooding at Cuddalore

Flooding is a common hazard in many areas around India. When the people of Cuddalore were devastated by the floods in 2015, the Samvedana team from Sutures India reached out to help over 300 families that needed support for day to day sustainability. We issued rations to feed all those in need. This activity went on to provide sustenance for one month to get the affected families back on their feet.

Our involvement, support and assistance helped boost morale, create new relationships and speed up the pace of recovery. Extending this helping hand during this crisis enabled Suturites to indulge in the joy of giving.

Medical camp and spectacles distribution for the underprivileged

Eyes are the windows to one’s mind. However, there are multitudes of people with visual impairment and have no access to medical facilities to get the corrective treatment. Our goal was to ensure that our contribution made a difference.

The Sutures India CSR team stepped up to the need of the hour and held a medical camp for the underprivileged. We sponsored spectacles for 100 people and a variety of medical check-ups were conducted for 1500 people.

A small gesture of providing a pair of eyeglasses not only improved their lives, but also brought a smile to the faces of those who were able to see clearly again. A simple intervention by our team gave these folks the ability to perform day to day tasks with ease.

Cancer awareness and screening in rural areas

Cancer is the second most common disease in India. Ironically, most of the people affected by it are unaware of the symptoms and signs until it’s too late. At Sutures India, our primary objective was to minimize the risk of cancer in rural areas of the state by educating the public. We coordinated with NGO CANCER INDIA to drive the program.

300 handpicked graduate students were provided professional training on cancer education for rural people. The team held a cancer screening camp with the help of the NGO and volunteer doctors. These students educated the masses about the importance of cancer diagnosis and treatment at the early stage.

Sutures India sponsored screening materials used in the pap-smear test as well as banners for the campaign. All the students who were trained were provided with certificates that showcased their contribution and dedication.

Sanitation for schools

Children perform better when provided with hygienic and clean sanitation facilities at school. However, many schools are unable to promote positive hygiene due to lack of proper sanitation infrastructure.

The Sutures India CSR team identified, assessed and executed a major community development project. Our team wholly funded and constructed safe and clean restrooms for the children at 6 schools in the rural belts of Kunigal. These facilities were inaugurated by our Director, Shri L G Chandrasekhar, on 9 Oct, 2015.

Our intervention helped improve the quality of the students’ lives and drastically reduced the number of school dropouts due to poor sanitary facilities. Good hygiene practices at school have resulted in increased enrollment of girls and minimized disease infections.

Schools details:

  1. Govt. High School, D. Hosahalli, Gollarahatti Cross, Kunigal
  2. Kempegowda Aided High School, Hulliyurudurga, Kunigal
  3. Govt. Primary School, Hallemavuru, Kunigal
  4. GHPS – K. H. Halli, Kunigal
  5. Vivekanand Aided High School, Hannamanachahalli, Kunigal
  6. Rajendra Prasad Aided High School, Sanabagatta, Kunigal