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State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to manage large production runs
Located in one of Asia’s largest industrial areas, Sutures India has the capacity to manufacture about 20 million sterile sutures per annum at our state-of-the-art facility located in Bangalore. Our facility is designed in line with international standards and has all the prerequisites needed for the medical device industry. Additional, we manufacture bone wax, catheters, surgical needles and more at this location.

At Kunigal, our high-tech facility produces surgical gloves, catheters and surgical tapes. Our integrated facility not only manufactures, we also take great care to keep the manufacturing environment sterile. Every product goes through stringent tests and adheres to international quality standards.

We have an edge in manufacturing premium quality surgical gloves at our facility in Cochin with our use of high quality material and equipment to ensure safety. All aspects of glove manufacturing are taken care of from raw material procurement to processing and manufacturing to ensure that top quality is maintained at all times

Our efficient manufacturing facility at Sricity does a quick production run and supply of sutures surgical sutures. We use contemporary technology to design and manufacture surgical sutures.

Safety standards
At Sutures India, we are ready with safety precautions and measures. When emergencies arise, there is not time to plan: our approach is to be ready. Employees have a right to a safe workplace and we ensure that we provide it in all aspects. Our policies encompass employee, environmental and occupational health and safety laws and regulation.
We set and enforce standards, provide training and encouraging continuous improvement in workplace safety and health.

Our facilities span:
  • Research wing
  • Clean rooms
  • Sterilization sections
  • Quality systems
  • Packaging units
International certifications, cutting edge technology and skilled specialists
You can be sure that when you choose us, you are getting nothing but the best. All our facilities and products follow world class standards and are assessed and certified by 510k Approvals, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2012 CE and COPP.
We have dedicated and skilled specialists to handle all manufacturing processes. The team undergoes regular training to ensure consistent quality in manufacturing.
Adhering to quality standards always
At Sutures, we strongly believe in the principle of “Kaizen”, and we bring this into action by regularly upgrading our processes and machinery. Our personnel undergo rigorous training programs to ensure that the products manufactured are right, the first time and every time.
Quality standards
  • Policies
  • Risk mitigation and management
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Adherence to international standards
  • Compliance with healthcare norms
  • Regular audits
Unmatched quality facilities to deliver value
Our quality standards are very stringent. We place high value on quality assurance through periodic audits, independent QA assessments and agreements. Our ultramodern QC laboratory is equipped to handle qualifications, validation and approval.
Customized offerings to suit your requirements
Sutures India provides a wide range of OEM services for products such as sutures, meshes, bone wax, umbilical cotton tapes, gloves catheters, etc. Be it challenging customer specifications or tighter tolerances, Sutures India OEM caters to requirements from large and small medical device manufacturers. We work with our partners to create products that fulfill requirements. Our vast in-house capabilities and years of experience can be trusted to meet your expectations.
Our services have been extended to meet your unique requirements such as customized art work, labeling, packaging and dispatch configurations. In addition, you can get advice on regulatory or biocompatibility issues from our professional team. Sutures India has dedicated manufacturing facilities for domestic and export markets.
A complete experience from product concept to after sales
  • At Sutures, we use sophisticated clean rooms for the manufacture of medical products.
  • We have the capacity to manufacture a massive number of precise sterile sutures.
  • Sterilization is an important aspect of manufacturing sutures. Our sterilization process follows predefined parameters to ensure that our products are delivered in line with international quality systems.
  • Our quality control labs are well-equipped and we employ highly qualified technicians at all our manufacturing facilities.
  • From conceptualization to packaging, all stages of production take place in-house.
  • All products are stocked, packed and dispatched in controlled storage units.