IV Cannula Range
IV Cannula is a sterile single use medical device used for administration of intravenous infusions or specialty drugs, correcting electrolyte imbalances or blood transfusions. 




SHELF LIFE: 5 years


IVC Range Feature

  • Triple cut imported needle for smooth venipuncture – Reduces trauma and damage to vein
  • Evenly tapered smooth tipped catheter – Eases of use lesser pressure to push catheter into vein
  • PTFE catheter – Reduces risk of immune reaction and embolization
  • Self activating safety guard – Avoid needle stick injury



  • Repeated blood sampling, Fluid administration, Medication administration, Nutritional support, Administration of blood & blood products, administration of Chemotherapy & Administration of Radiologic contrast agents for diagnostic purposes



    PrimeFix – IV Cannula with wings and port
    TruFlon – Premium IV Cannula with wings and port and Radio opaque catheter
    TruFlon Safety – IV Cannula with self activating safety guard
    TruFlon Neo – IV Cannula for Neo nates
    TruFlon Insta – Premium IV Cannula with instant flash back needle



      AVAILABLE SIZES: 14G, 16G, 18G, 20G, 22G, 24G, 26G



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