Global presence across 100+ countries

Recognized globally as manufacturers and suppliers of top quality medical supplies

Our products are used by millions of healthcare professionals and patients. You can be sure that every aspect of quality is reviewed regularly and only the finest quality products are delivered to our consumers. At Sutures, we follow best practices so that you get nothing less than the best.

Surgical component supplies
• Supply of high-quality materials to suture manufacturers in bulk
• We offer finished and semi-finished products
• Drilled end atraumatic surgical needles – 300 series of round bodied needles, 420 & 455 series for cutting and reverse cutting needles
• Silk and polyester reels (non-sterile)
• Bulk polypropylene mesh supplied in various dimensions

OEM / OBL facility
• Our products your brand for your market
• Pack labeled in the language of your choice
• Multilingual product inserts options

Superior quality packaging for longer shelf life
In addition to high quality, Sutures is known for its appealing packaging and product performance. Product packaging follows the highest international standards to eliminate moisture and oxygen so that the tensile strength and absorption properties remain intact. Our attention to detail, from research and manufacturing to packaging and delivery, makes our products the first choice amongst healthcare professionals all over the world.

Quick delivery
Quick turnaround times (Ex-factory)
• Gloves and catheters: 30 days
• Mesh and bone wax: 25 days
• General sutures: 40 to 45 days
• Cardiac, ophthalmic and micro needled sutures: 60 to 90 days